The unique benefits of Merit Badges

Karate class for children utilising the merit badges system

For increased income, student satisfaction, and superb student motivation and retention.

  1. Motivates your students by encouraging them to practice for a specific merit badge, it’s a very important visual sign of progress
  2. Increases student attendance by creating greater student interest and involvement, involvement leads to greater student commitment, your school grows!
  3. Makes coming to class more exciting, students love to compete with each other and strive to achieve the brightly colored badges
  4. As they practice in order to achieve the desired badge the student standards improves dramatically
  5. Increased revenue from better student retention and greater student satisfaction creating increased student numbers which leads to a much larger school!
  6. The small, neat, eye catching lightweight woven badges are easy to sew on, (unlike the "thick, stiff" badges with over locked edges) a real big plus for parents! They can also be "glued" on using "fabri tac" adhesive for fabrics or a similar product. They become part of the suit and do not interfere with training. Alternatively they can be sewn onto tracksuits, tee shirts, spare belt or glued onto kitbags if your school does not allow badges on the suit
  7. Over 90 professionally designed fantastic merit badges covering all aspects of the martial arts and motivation, including: blocks, kicks, punches, strikes, throws, stances, weapons, belts, groundwork/grappling, kata/forms, self-defence, sparring, attendance, etiquette, leadership, exceptional progress, academic achiever, Black Belt Club, Masters Club, life skills and several anything badges which can be awarded for anything you want to improve or promote in your school plus lots and lots more. Suitable for all Martial Arts
  8. Students need visual signs of progress; this is why we have belts, but sometimes the gap between promotions seems too long and students lose interest. This is where the Merit Badges really help, they are a regular visual sign of progress, encouraging and motivating the student on a monthly, weekly or even lesson by lesson basis
  9. The Badge program is simple to use and implement, it is an extremely flexible and adaptable system with badges to suit all levels ie; beginner, intermediate and advanced students and ordering could not be easier
  10. The badges are an added service that your school provides for its students that other schools in the area may not offer
  11. No cost to you. Schools who currently use the Merit Badges normally charge a testing fee of £0.50p or £1.00 UK sterling ($1 or $2 US dollars) for each badge the student wishes to attempt or you can incorporate the testing fee into the monthly tuition fee your students pay. This increases school income and funds

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