Motivational Stickers

250 Assorted Stickers

250 Assorted Stickers

(Approx $20 / €17)

New Motivational Stickers roll 2

New Motivational Stickers roll 2

(Approx $20 / €17)

MBI’s Motivational stickers - A visual "Pat on the Back"/ "instant" reward system

Motivational Stickers from Merit Badges International

Students need visual signs of progress that’s why we have belts and progress tests, but to some students even these are too far apart. Studies show that the attention span of people in general is becoming shorter and students need more regular indications or confirmation of progress to keep them motivated, they also need to feel that their teacher cares and is interested in them. The top reason for students quitting is "perceived indifference" from the instructor. These retention building tools can help you change that perception.

The non permanent stickers are a new part of our program and one of the best tools I have found to raise the energy in a class and turn those "c" students into "b" students. They are a fun, affordable simple and effective tool to use each in class.

I award them after almost every drill to the three students who have been trying the hardest or shown the best attitude (not just the ones who are doing the best techniques), I also try to catch any "c" students I have doing something good, they immediately get a sticker with the rest of the students clapping and cheering, this makes them feel loved and important and wanting to do something else right, turning them into "b" or even "a" students quite quickly.

Roll of martial arts motivational stickers

Here’s exactly how to use the stickers:

  1. Watch the students during the current drill
  2. Choose the three students who are trying the hardest, putting in the most effort or showing the best attitude
  3. At the end of the drill call the chosen students out to the front of the class by name, and have the rest of class clap and cheer the successful students
  4. After a bow and/or hi-five put a sticker onto the uniform of the three students
  5. Class claps & cheers once more as they return to their place in class

This gets the students more involved, their involvement leads to greater commitment, do the same thing after each drill.

I have found that the rest of the students who did not receive a sticker suddenly work a lot harder in order to get a reward sticker next time. Over the month make sure every student receives a sticker-DON’T LEAVE ANYONE OUT!

This one simple effective step has created a substantial increase in interest, referrals and enrollment in my schools, and the parents are constantly reminded of the values and benefits they learned at the school and the positive experience they’ve had.

We all know that the first ninety days are vitally important to a new student, I ensure that all new students get the opportunity to earn and achieve lots of stickers and merit badges in that first ninety days, this not only increases referrals but stops that initial dropout.

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